McGregor Police Department

101 North Main Street

254-840-2855/Emergency: 911


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. I just received a ticket, what do I do and can it be dismissed?

A. When a citation is issued, the officer will provide you with a court information sheet to explain the procedure to follow for all citations.  The Municipal Judge, not the officer, is the ones who will decide whether to dismiss or fine the citation.

Q.    How do I get an accident or incident report?

A. You may obtain an accident report from the Police Department. The McGregor Police Department is located at 101 N Main St.  The cost of the report is $10.00 or you can have your insurance company request a copy of the report.  Incident reports may be obtained at a cost of $10.00 at the above location.  Incident reports contain the date of the offense, the time of the offense, and all other required information, except for the narrative.  An open records request may be obtained, at the above location, for additional information and is subject to approval and standardized fees.     

Q.   How do I file a restraining order or protective order?

A. A restraining order can be filed through an attorney or a District Judge.  An officer initiates an emergency protective order when an offense occurs involving physical violence and is forwarded through the District Attorneys office for further filing of that protective order.





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