City of McGregor, Texas

Under Construction


The City of McGregor is in a mess. We are in the middle of over $10,000,000 worth of Street, Water, Wastewater and Park Improvement projects designed to replace and repair existing services and also to provide some new services in an effort to improve your quality of life. From time to time we will post information on this page to try ant let you know whats going on in your town.


Copy of PROJECT-REPORTING-UPDATE-for-City-Manager-05-09-2018

Work to watch for this week in MAC TOWN

We are working in these areas this week so please be aware and watch out for the crews. Be safe.

Update on Water & Sewer Construction and Utilities Maintenance

Skyblue Utilities-Currently working on installing water & sewer on S. Jefferson from 7th to 9th and 9th street from main street to water plant and water line at Jefferson & 4th street

Canfer Utilities-(Atmos) is currently still working on project at N. Tyler & W. 2nd & N. 3rd & N. Harrison. Working on gas project on W. 6th street from Monroe St. to Van Buren St., On Jackson from 6th to 8th

Do monthly meter readings

Weed eat at Lark around fire hydrant and flush valve

Take Bac-T sample for Lark trailer to Waco

Locate Utilities for Skyblue on 9th street from main to 9th street plant, on Jefferson at from W. 9th to 7th street

Do Locates for Canfer Utilities on Lincoln between 9th & 10th street, In the alley between Monroe & Adams street between, W. 3rd & W. 5th street and update locate marks on Jackson

Switch over 407 S. Tyler water service from 2 in to 8 in water line

Do locates around Nursing Home on Johnson Dr

Oversee SpaceX water project

Routine water samples

Mow and weedeat water and wastewater plants

Parks Update

Clean parks throughout week

Mow Amsler Park

Mow The Exchange

Mow old barn

Recycling Wednesday 7/18/18

Mow Kasting Park

Mow Bewley Park

Trim trees at C3

Check airport lights 7/20/18

Check and clean pool throughout week

Street Update

Processing, Blue topping on Tyler W. 6th to W. 8th

Premixing of W. 7th Tyler to Harrison

                          Regrade on Tyler 8th to 11th

Chipping in Zone 3

Pothole repair at various locations

Fleet Services

Start digging trench for underground at ball fields

Landscape top of hill at gun range

Shred ditches toward SpaceX

Work on clearing alleys in town

Repair safety lights on old animal control truck

Change oil on units for police dept

Get equipment moved to baseball field for lights

Help on moving 30 ton crane to wastewater plant


Not long ago I was asked about some of our work. I wanted to share my response with all of you:

Mr. Evans,

 I have visited and lived in many cities such as, Austin, Texas, Dallas, Texas, San Antonio, Texas and many many more.  However, I now live in the great city of McGregor, Texas, often referred to as the Podunk City in Texas.  I enjoy living in McGregor most of the time, except when every street in this fine city has chug holes, pot holes, and strips across every  through fare in this town that the city road crews so happily dig across the streets more often than one time and months pass by that the permanent finish is not repaired.  Our main through street of Sixth Street, and many others have been dug up and left but filled with gravel, rock or whatever it is you use….then the traffic blows it out and the ditch gets deeper.  Along come nails, glass and other debris to give the citizens flats.  I am thinking the next flat I get on one of these beautiful streets, I should bring to you for repair.  And O’ yes, if you can buy a piece of property and buy the street as well, why can’t we, the good citizens of this beautiful town?  Before you push for city development, why not push shove and scream  for repair the streets.  You once upon a time said that all the street repairs would be complete by January 2018….This may happen by January 2020.   Huh?

 Other than the above complaint, I am grateful for apartments that provide a decent living for older citizens who unfortunately, by government standards, do not qualify for senior living status.

 Thank you for listening.

I answered:

Thank you for your comments. My first question when I came here was “What happened to your streets?” Well the answer is that very few of the streets in McGregor were ever built according to any standard specification. Most streets here do not even have a base layer underneath the surface layer. It took us 4 years to build the financial capacity to kick off Street Project 1 (over $7 million). It will take a long time to ever do “all” the streets. My comment in reference to 2018 was not about getting all the streets done, it was about that being the third year for the current 3 year program. This current program only addresses the worst of the worst and only does about 10 miles of our more than 67 total miles of paved surface.

 Unfortunately most (about 2/3) of the current street program is underlain with both water and sewer lines that must also be repaired so as to not “waste” our money as has been done so many times in the past. This makes the project more expensive (about 30%) AND slows down our progress considerably because of the need to coordinate up to 3 contractors on each street. Add to that equation the fact that Atmos Energy has chosen to start a major project of replacing their gas lines under many of the same streets (13.1 miles of new gas lines and services) and you can see the project is even more complicated with a 4th contractor and more utility cuts. This helps us long term by not “wasting” our money again BUT it is just one more complicating and inconvenient short term factor.

 All this is to say that you are absolutely correct. Things are a mess and will be so for some time. On top of that when this project winds down we will address more streets in Street Project 2 and on and on till we have made the entire cycle.

 One thing we have tried to focus on is getting equipped and qualified to maintain and improve streets as we go in the future. It is one thing to rebuild streets. It is another to maintain them properly over time so as to NOT get into such a drastic situation again in the future. There should be programed preventative maintenance on an annual basis that addresses this very issue. That is also part of our new comprehensive approach.

 When you come across those rough utility cuts please call City Hall and report them. The contractors are obligated to keep them in shape for traffic. They will be rough BUT should not be damaging. As for glass and nails that should not be a part of anything we are doing but if you see it please let us know so we can sweep it up.

 As far as “pushing for new development” it is really us that are being pushed by developers to allow them to develop new housing in McGregor. Most people do not realize this but when new development comes to town it is the developer that must pay for the roads, they must be built correctly to high standards, and the folks who buy the home actually pay for the initial street. These streets require less maintenance and will not have to be reconstructed in the future.

 I know that this is a lot of answer for a simple question. The citizens of McGregor deserve better streets and it is our mission, among others, to make this happen. It will not happen quickly. It will not happen easily without inconvenience. It will be messy every time. It will take longer than we want it to. It will always be slowed by weather and many other factors beyond our control. BUT it is our intent to do it right and to keep on doing it until its done AND to maintain it correctly from now on.

 I really appreciate your comments and the spirit in which they were offered. I only hope that you and all the citizens of McGregor will have patience and understanding while we undertake this years long effort to improve the quality of life here in McGregor.

Thank you.